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Area rugs not only provide comfort and warmth, they also add decorative interest with color, pattern, and texture. They act as artwork for the floor, and create a frame in which to place furniture and define spaces.

We find that many clients find it challenging to select the right size rug for their space while allowing for the correct traffic path, and also in selecting the best pattern based on scale and other textures and patterns in the space.

We're here to help! We sell hundreds of rugs a year, so it's one of our specialties.

If you’re looking for more interior design ideas, ask Landry Designs to create interiors that set you apart. Best of all, we bring gorgeous products and expertise right to your door. In that case, we’ll narrow down the very best options for your space, style, and architecture, and then you just pick your favorites!

You can book your free consultation online or call us at 817-835-3100.

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