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Upgrade Your Dining Room Chandelier: 5 Stunning Ideas

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Chandeliers can transform a dining room with unique silhouettes and drama. If you’re looking to make a statement and illuminate, chandeliers are the ideal choice. They capture the attention of your guests from the moment they step into the room.

While chandeliers have long been showcased in elegant dining rooms, designs now vary widely by size, shape and material. A chandelier can and should speak to your unique sense of style.

Check out some stunning ideas below as inspiration, and then get started adding your own dose of dazzling radiance to your favorite space.

1. Who says functionality has to be boring? Make a beautiful statement with geometric shapes waterfalling in shimmering layers. This graceful chandelier is eye-catching while complementing the bold shapes and patterns in the room.

2. Imagine walking into a dining room to see this gorgeous display of chandelier art! Cast a dreamy spell over your space with a large, intricate chandelier. This beaded design brings drama while maintaining the fresh, airy mood. We love how this white chandelier feels like an extension of the decor.

3. Architectural features such as recessed ceilings present a unique challenge, but there’s no better choice than a chandelier to illuminate an entire space. This chandelier adds both functionality and glamour over a large dining room table.

4. Chandeliers can vary widely by shape and type. For a modern and contemporary vibe, consider a glass sphere chandelier. This minimal design still has a wow factor and serves as a focal point.

5. In an open space with high ceilings, there’s room for two! And don’t feel that they need to be the same chandelier. An ornate, rectangular glass-link chandelier frames the area above the dining room table. A nearby starburst chandelier enhances the space near a stairwell. Give your guests more to admire with two (or even three!) chandeliers.

We hope this inspired you in your search for a perfect chandelier. If you’re looking for more interior design ideas, ask Landry Designs to help create your dream room. Best of all, we bring gorgeous products and expertise right to your door. In that case, we’ll narrow down the very best options for your space, style, architecture and decor, and then you just pick your favorites!

For a free consultation, you can book online or call us at 817-835-3100.

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