Since Lisa began her design career, she has been honored to receive many industry accolades. To date, her design work has been published in national magazines and books 28 times.  She is grateful to all of our wonderful customers throughout the U.S. who allow our team to do what we love for a living while helping transform their environments. It's such a fun job!

SHANTELL THOMAS / DESIGNER / Shantell is both a dreamer and a doer, and that translates well into her design styling. She is a wife and mother of three extremely active children so her attention to the details is crucial to make any team she is a part of run smoothly. Shantell has a passion for her craft that keeps her truly inspired. She earned her Associate in Arts degree and studied Interior Design and Home Furnishings Merchandising at the University of North Texas. Building relationships with her clients is key. Shantell is able to connect in a way that makes their design dreams come true time and time again. See me HERE!

CARLIE SIMPSON / DESIGNERAfter earning her degree in Interior Architecture and Drafting, Carlie left her hometown to follow her dreams of becoming an interior designer. Her dream came true when she joined Landry Designs, and she's been impressing clients with her designs and professionalism ever since. Carlie absolutely loves making spaces beautiful and turning dream rooms into reality. She is also a visual and creative thinker with fresh ideas to share with the world, and she’s thankful to be able to do that with our amazing customers! See me HERE!

ANGELA RILEY / DESIGNERAngela grew up with a love for art and design and realized that a career in interior design was the perfect fit.  She received a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech University. Angela also studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the Florence University of the Arts which contributed to her passion for beautiful design and inspired her creativity to an entirely new level. Angela’s warm, outgoing personality enables her to get to know her clients quickly and learn what creating “dream rooms” means to them, even when they don’t know how to explain it in design terms! See me HERE!

KIM GARDNER/ DESIGNERKim is inspiring to our team, because she’s fun, optimistic and lives her life with verve. She’s had a passion for art, interior design and decorating since childhood.  With many years of experience in the education field, she’s able to convey ideas and design recommendations clearly to her clients. Kim is a globe-trotter, and has gained great inspiration from her international travels. She also utilizes her design skills to plan amazing parties, and has a fondness for entertaining and hospitality. She is committed to staying current with trending designs, and she challenges herself to be innovative and thoughtful with each and every design project. Kim believes that a space should be a reflection of those who live and work there, as well as a place that makes them feel happy and rejuvenated. She loves working hand in hand with her clients to create designs that are a perfect fit for their lifestyles and their budgets.

LISA RIBBLE / DESIGNER SAMPLE QUEEN Lisa has been with our team for over 20 years, and we can't imagine life without her! She's an amazing designer, design assistant, and also our Vendor Relations Manager. Lisa has her degree in Apparel and Textile Marketing from Kansas State University and also attended the Sheffield School of Interior Design. With her experience as a Visual Merchandiser and her hands-on knowledge of carpentry and remodeling, Lisa is able to understand every aspect of a home’s interior. She is known around here as our "Jill-of-all-trades." Lisa enjoys being involved in multiple projects from design through installation and helping to create beautiful rooms each and every day. 

MADELEINE HOCHDORF/ DESIGNER / Madeleine is full of sugar, spice and rock 'n roll, and the only thing that surpasses her love of coffee is her passion for art and design. After earning her Associates degree in Art, she moved to Arizona where she attended The American Institute for Interior Design. Though her education gave her the tools needed to be successful in the design field, her true inspiration comes from personal travels, incredible architecture, and unexpected details. Madeleine packs an extra punch of spunk into her designs and she loves working with her clients to create jaw-dropping spaces.


It’s the Evvvv-erybody Loves Mark” show around here. With an affinity for fashion and interior design, along with her southern charm, this girl wins over everyone she meets. After receiving her Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science degree from Midwestern State University, she knew she wanted to come back to her hometown of Mansfield, Texas to make a difference in the place she loves so much. She is creative and talented and contributes great ideas to our client’s projects, including many awesome ones of her own.


If you’ve called our office, chances are that you’ve spoken with Valerie. Her friendly voice tends to leave a lasting impression! Valerie grew up in Arlington, where she graduated from Martin High School and has her Associates in Arts degree. She’s worked in a variety of industries, giving her a multitude of skills to utilize at Landry Designs. No matter which hat she is wearing, her goal is simple: Exceed customer and staff expectations. We love that Valerie is quick to respond to customer, vendor, and staff needs and requests, all with that happy vibe that comes so naturally to her. She's our own little “Swiss Army Knife”, assisting with clients, bookkeeping, and keeping our studio organized and running smoothly. Her passion for helping others allows her to shine, and she believes that a positive attitude will always lead to a positive outcome. From our own team members to delivery drivers, Valerie puts a smile on the face of anyone who walks through our door.


Victoria has always had a passion for design, art and decorating, and enjoys sewing, painting, and drawing.  She has a degree in Advertising & Marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington and previously worked in the advertising industry for multiple national brands. As a "Team Builder" for Landry Designs, she gets to combine her love of design and teaching by assisting talented designers while keeping them up-to-date on the latest design trends from our many suppliers. Victoria also assists with local marketing, along with interviewing potential candidates to help grow our team. We've nicknamed her the Roadrunner because she seems to move at the speed of light, even in really high heels!

MIGUEL ROJAS / WAREHOUSE MANAGER /  Miguel is probably our most multi-talented employee. Prior to working at Landry Designs, Miguel was employed for nine years at a country club where he was involved in grounds maintenance and landscape floral design. He has also worked as a dance instructor, and every once in awhile we get to see his great moves! He has always enjoyed art, dancing, painting, design, catering, and cake decorating. Yep, you read that right. We call him the Cake Boss. He has a talent for fixing things and tends to be very detail-oriented, which comes in handy while managing our extensive warehouse areas. He assembles furniture, assists with delivery and installations, and helps to maintain our offices. Miguel loves the fact that all of the behind-the-scenes things he takes care of help to turn our customer’s dreams into reality.

JONATHAN GARCIA / INVENTORY CONTROL / Jonathan is probably our most upbeat employee. He enjoys every hands-on experience that comes his way because he is all about learning and being the very best at everything he tackles. He’s also the father of two children and says that he’s a “man on a mission”. He wants to show them that they can do anything that they can dream of if they believe in themselves. He loves life and looks forward to a new adventure every day at Landry Designs. We love seeing his smiling face every morning!

TANNER LANDRY / IT MANAGER / FIREMAN /  As a team member since 1999, Tanner's responsibilities have evolved through the years. Today, he considers technology as one of his  favorite "tools" to use in enhancing how we serve our customers, and his goal is always to keep Landry Designs on the cutting edge. In addition, Tanner has a degree in Audio Engineering from the Los Angeles Recording School, so he assists with many technical aspects of our business, including marketing and advertising. See me HERE!

EMILY LANDRY / PHOTOGRAPHY Emily has always been creative and has a hard time sitting still for very long. Her great passion for photography and capturing the beauty of the world and architecture is apparent and she enjoys being able to help showcase our designers and their beautiful designs through her work. We're so thankful for her amazing eye! 



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